2015 Pumpkin Carve Race Report

2015 Pumpkin Carve Race Report

ArticlePictureI’M NOT DONE YET  A field of 120 energized entries over two days of frigid temps generated their own heat at the reunion series-ending Pumpkin Carve Cumberland Airport Autocross. Wade Chamberlain from Warrenton VA and Mike Moran from Fairfield PA surfaced as the main defrosters.

Chamberlain claimed two more FTD wins and another one of Cumberland’s trademark shoot-out trophies while Moran fended off all comers in the PAX performance index both days.

Saturday’s cold was mixed with occasional light showers, but the two-group, two-session format afforded all comers some dry time trial windows. With an eye toward qualifying for the post-race shootouts, Chamberlain, August FTD Larry Casey and Moran logged Top 5 Overall passes, joined there by potentially litigious six-banger pilot Gary Hughes and many-time CBE FTE Matt Felten’s Reynard – six-tenths behind Wade.

V8 Shootout qualifiers among GM powered cars were Casey, Moran, Andy Thomas and Gary Miller, all in Vettes. Among Ford qualifiers, Chamberlain, Tink Phillips and Paul Przyborski were comfortably in. The last Ford spot was hotly contested down to the last run of the regular competition. Ben Lambiotte willed his Daytona Coupe past Smooth Jim Harris in the middle of the last rotation. Harris was not done yet, however, and generated a pass good enough to claim the spot back, only to literally clip the last cone on the course, confirming Lambiotte among the Great Eight.

The Four Cylinder Final Four Shootout title went to popular WDCR class racer Danny Kao in a showroom fresh 2015 Miata over Virginia Honda driver Ray Schumin in the final.

The V8 brackets delivered on their promise of strong performance as Chamberlain and Casey whittled their way down to an epic final match up. Casey ran his best pass of the day, in the 43.9 range, forcing Chamberlain to get close to his FTD number (near 43.6), which he did. With 2015 in the books, the CBE Assassin’s reign continues.

Sunday dawned even colder, but the usual suspects were not phased. Chamberlain, Felten, Moran, Hughes and Gary Miller filled the Top 5 overall.

A number of drivers snagged two-day wins in contested classes, including Chamberlain (Cobra FFR) in XP, Moran (Corvette C5) in BS, Dan Whiteman (Porsche 911) AS, Jim Harris (Mustang) FS, Elizar Mann (Toyota) ASP, Sean Halloran (Trans Am) CP, Greg Keller (Honda) EP, amd Gary Miller (Z06) SSM.


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