2017 Cumberland Historics Race Report

2017 Cumberland Historics Race Report

IMG_3908HOT PURSUIT – A robust two-day Cumberland Historics field of 138 entries boasted six former FTD winners…and looked full of promise for spirited back and forth performances.  That is, until the Valent brothers rolled their evil SSM Toyota into the Cumberland Airport paddock.

Under searing sun, Martin and Miro simply snatched everything in sight. Carlisle Pennsylvania based car owner Martin won FTD twice, PAX twice and won the bottle of Blanton’s and a Pappy Van Winkle cigar with a methodical march through the 16-car Whiskey Rebellion Runoff field.

Matt Felten (BM Reynard) and Steve Hoelscher (DP Toyota) gave chase all weekend, finishing second and third overall both days and meeting in an exciting semi-final match-up in the whiskey runoff, won by Felten when the Harpers Ferry based Toyota coned.

Gary Hughes (EM Stalker) was top five both days and the Jeremy McCauley/Matt Parson co-driving team took turns placing Don Fazekas’s beautifully crafted XP Miata in the Fast Five.

Two-day winners in contested classes included Eric Coffman (SS Porsche GT4), Bruce Wesley (AS Z51 Corvette), Jonathan Leyh (BS Focus RS), Smooth Jim Harris (FS Mustang), Andre Downey (STX Subaru), Dan Hill (SSP Porsche), Martin Valent (SSM Toyota) and Jeff Duncan (SM BWM M3).

West Virginians Jim Mason and Sean Halloran traded CP squeakers, with Mason’s 74 Mustang winning Saturday by .006 and Halloran’s Trans Am winning Sunday by .124 seconds. Sunday CAMT competition was a crowd pleaser as well, with Charles Trimble (Red Lion PA) dancing his Chevy Malibu over Eric Hartman’s stunning ’69 Camaro by .375 seconds.


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